Death Investigation At Nursing Home

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WEATHERLY -- A death investigation is underway at the Weatherwood Nursing Home in Weatherly involving the Carbon County district attorney, local police and the state.

According to court papers, they're investigating a case of involuntary manslaughter in connection with the death of an 85-year-old resident.

According to court papers and a written statement by the Weatherwood administration, here is what happened: Margaret Lechleitner was pushed by another resident, fell and hit her head. She later died. Both patients suffered from dementia.

"It upsets me terribly!" said Palmerton resident Stephena Kurtz.

Kurtz said she has a son who's a Weatherwood resident.

"They are very good to him. He can't walk. He is always in a chair or in bed but he is comfortable."

Elmer Dotter is also a resident of Weatherwood. His daughter Deb Portz is very vocal about the care her father receives.

"I know they are taken care of well. I get calls in the middle of the night, I get phone calls in the daytime if they change his medicine, they're very up on it, the aides are great," Porter explained.

Everyone we talked to believes the death was an isolated incident. That includes Theresa Fritz of Weatherly.

"He's been here twice, they have an excellent therapy department, they have excellent help. Why would I put him here the second time?" Fritz said.

The district attorney will make the decision if charges will be filed. It's unclear when that will happen.