Accused Killer Likely Going To Trial

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WILLIAMSPORT -- The case of a man accused of killing a friend and burying him in a crawl space under his home in Jersey Shore is being sent to court.

A magistrate in Lycoming County ruled Thursday after a hearing that there is enough evidence against the defendant to send the case to trial.

Glenn Jackson was arrested at his home in Jersey Shore where police say they found his friend's body buried under the first floor in early March.

Jackson's sister drove 24 hours to be there for his hearing and says the Glenn she knows is not a killer.

Jackson was led out of the Lycoming County Courthouse in Williamsport and taken back to prison. Jackson's hearing lasted only about a half an hour.

His sister Deirdre and her family drove all the way from Louisiana to support Jackson as he stands accused of killing a friend and burying him in a crawl space under his home in Jersey Shore.

"That's my one and only brother, I love him to death, and I'll be there to support him," Deirdre Jackson said.

After two days in early March, investigators removed the decomposing body of Michael Krauser from Jackson's home in Jersey Shore.

According to court papers, the two got into a fight and Jackson acted in self-defense. But a neighbor testified that Jackson told her, he knocked Krauser out with an ash tray then stabbed him with a sword.

"That it was a mistake, that's not my brother's character at all. What is his character? He's a nice gentleman, calm cool and collected. We had a good childhood, raised by good people, good family, good roots at that house."michael krauser

Carolyn Krauser, the victim's wife, spoke after the hearing having serious doubts that what Jackson did was self-defense.

"I don't think so, I don't think it was, but I don't know," Carolyn Krauser said.

Krauser became very upset thinking of the way her husband's body was treated after his death. Investigators believe Jackson tried to hide the body for weeks before the discovery was made.

"He didn't deserve to die, didn't deserve to be buried the way he was," said Christina Dailey.

Glenn Jackson's next court date is set for early June.

A spokesperson for the Lycoming County district attorney's office says there has not been a decision made whether to seek the death penalty in this case.