College Seniors Looking for Jobs

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WILLIAMSPORT -- As students are getting ready to graduate college, they are faced with the task of trying to find a job.

Officials at both Lycoming College and Penn College in Williamsport said many of their students already found jobs. Even in this economy, the career services departments said job placement numbers are up, but some students are still having a tough time.

Tyler Velazquez will graduate from Penn College in Williamsport on May 18. He wants to be an electrician and has applied for ten jobs, but so far he has not found one.

"I have an internship lined up, but I'm not sure I'm not sure job-wise if they're going to offer," said Velazquez.

Other students at Penn College are in a different boat. The school's career services department said more than 900 students will graduate this year, and many already have jobs lined up. Jeff Nornhold will graduate with a degree in servicing and installing heating and air conditioning units.

"I had a ton of different offers. I decided to take one in Baltimore Maryland. Overall it's a good field to be in, that's what this school offers, a ton of different fields," said Nornhold.

Many graduating seniors at nearby Lycoming College are faced with the decision of finding a job right away or going to grad school.

"We're already looking for whether grad school is the right option or if we need to go into the job market to start paying our loans. Grad school will defer our loans," said Matiana Gallegos.

Around 265 students will be walking across this stage on Sunday at Lycoming College. The school's career services department said the majority of those students already have jobs lined up or are going into graduate school.

"We prepare those students with how to network, job search strategies, interviewing techniques, all of those things that will best prepare them," said Maryjo Campana.

Drew Tompkins decided to go to grad school to further his education in International Public Policy. He is concerned about the future of the job market.

"For what I want to do, I'm probably going to be having to move to D.C. or New York or a foreign city. So I can't really just pick up and move without having a plan in place for sure," said Tompkins.

The director of career services at Lycoming College said internships and on-campus organizations make students stand out among other job applicants.