After Drug Plea, Still A Councilman

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STROUDSBURG -- Neil Allen's chair was once again empty at a Stroudsburg borough council meeting Wednesday night.

The vice president of council has missed several meetings since being arrested in March, when he was accused of buying ten bags of heroin in the parking lot of a Stroudsburg tavern.

This week, Allen pleaded guilty to possession of drugs, a misdemeanor charge. He was fined $2,500.

The president of council, Kim Diddio, did not want to speak about Allen on camera, but told Newswatch 16 she has not heard anything from him.

Some people who live in the borough said they do not want Allen on council anymore.

"I feel that he should have been booted from the job, he shouldn't be allowed to keep the job. No matter what the situation is, drugs are drugs and if you fail a drug test or you get arrested and you are a public official, you shouldn't be able to keep the job," said Anthony De Veaux of Stroudsburg.

"I think Mr. Allen should do the honorable thing and simply resign because to some degree, people in public office are role models and he's not exactly being a role model," said Lawrence Squeri of Stroudsburg.

Diddio said if Allen were to resign, council members would accept his resignation, but she said there is nothing council can do to remove him from his position otherwise.