Taste Test: Cuties Fruit Smoothies

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Those of us who have children know how important it is that they receive their daily serving of fruits and veggies.

Well, Cuties has come out with new fruit smoothies for kids and who better to test out the smoothie than some second graders?

With four new flavors on the market, we decided to head to Bear Creek Community Charter School in Luzerne County and ask second graders just how tasty those flavors really are.

We split the class up into four sections and had each group try one of the flavors.

First up was the Clementine Mandarin blend.

"It tastes really good," said Makenna Russo.

It was so good Makenna gave it a big thumbs up!

Next up was Tangerine Blueberry, which seemed to be in popular demand.

"Sourish," said Alex Lindbucher. "It was good a little but it was just sour."

While Alex thought it was just OK and a little sour, Jayden thought it tasted great!

"Because it tasted like blueberries and I love blueberries," said Jayden.

Our third group tasted the new Tangerine Strawberry flavor. Without any hesitation, one second grader had something to say about it.

"It was bad," Nori Seeharman said. "I don't like cuties."

So while Nori gave the Cuties and the smoothie a thumbs down, Dillon thought otherwise.

"Great, it was awesome," Dillion Rosario said.

Our last group got to try the new Monkey Madness Tangerine Banana flavor. While most of the group loved it, Samantha Smith gave it a huge thumbs down.

"The taste…the banana part," Samantha  said. "When I drank it, it felt like it was going in the wrong tube and something."

"Do you not like the banana smoothie?"

"I don't like bananas."

So to get an overall consensus of the fruit smoothies in general, I asked the main question:

"So overall, would you guys want this to be in your lunch box?"


A unanimous yes. We got Cuties new fruit smoothies at Gerrity's for $2 a bottle.