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New Addition to Lycoming County SPCA

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WILLIAMSPORT -- The Lycoming County SPCA is undergoing major renovations. The animal shelter in Williamsport is building an addition to its current building on Reach Road.

The Lycoming County SPCA in Williamsport has around 40 cats that are up for adoption, but employees say that number increases by the day.

"We get 2,500 cats a year. That's a lot of cats. Our average cat adoptions are about 45 a month," Executive Director Vickie Stryker said.

Vickie Stryker is the Executive Director of the Lycoming County SPCA. She says the shelter has to euthanize more than 1,000 cats each year, mainly because there's no room to keep them. Now, the SPCA is building a new addition.

The space will have three rooms. One where incoming cats can be housed and evaluated for adoption. A second will be used for dog training.

"With the multi-purpose room, we're hoping to provide training for owners and also for the dogs here. That way we can get more happy, well-adjusted dogs out into the community and we don't get them back," Stryker said.

The Lycoming County SPCA currently takes its animals to several local veterinarians to have surgeries done, but with the new addition in this room right here, they'll be able to do surgeries right on site.

"It's definitely going to save a lot of time, gasoline and staff time. It will also save some of the vet's time too because we do monopolize a lot of their time from their other clients," Assistant Kennel Manager Kabrina Schweikart said.

"Riding in a car, especially for cats, they don't like it. Some dogs don't as well. We'll be able to do that on site and they'll also be able to recover here on site, no transportation involved," Stryker said.

Construction started on the addition in March. Stryker expects it to be finished by June. The new addition at the Lycoming County SPCA is being paid for with private donations.