UPDATE: Shooting, Stabbing Sends Two to Hospital

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SOUTH RENOVO -- The suspect in a Friday evening shooting and stabbing in Clinton County is 72 years old.

It happened along Susquehanna Avenue in South Renovo.

Two people are still in the hospital after what happened.

Edward Andrews, 72, South Renovo had been drinking Friday and shot his neighbor claiming she stole money from him, according to arrest papers.

It was an episode that left two people injured, Andrews behind bars and a neighborhood shocked by the violence.

According to state police, Alma Antram was shot four times and ran about a block to get away from Andrews. That's when Andrews allegedly threw a knife at her son, Doug Antram, hitting him in the foot.

"When he threw the knife and hit Doug in the leg with it, Doug went down," said neighbor James Sampson.

Neighbors witnessed part of the attack. Before police could get there, Andrews took off in a vehicle but wrecked about ten-miles away and was arrested.

"It seems like everything broke loose, like we were in Boston or New York City, with all the fire trucks, state police, local police," said neighbor Terri Buranosky.

Investigators believe Edward Andrews had been drinking and intended to kill Antram over money he claim she stole from him.

Alma Antram was listed in critical condition at the hospital. Her son, Doug, underwent surgery.

"They're sort of pulling it together. My grandmother got out of surgery on Saturday last I heard from her, " said her grandson John Michitsch. " Things are going to be different around here."

Edward Andrews is locked up in Clinton County facing attempted homicide charges.

Doug Antram was listed in fair condition.