Opening Day at Knoebels Amusement Resort

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ELYSBURG -- The sunshine made for a perfect opening day at Knoebels Amusement Resort in Northumberland County.

The first visitors of the season got to enjoy the classic coasters, and a new ride that offers quite a view.

Families visiting Knoebels Amusement Resort near Elysburg for the opening the day of the season flocked to the newest ride at the park.

The StratosFear offers riders a birds-eye view from above.

Many people were kicking their feet in anticipation, as the ride climbed the tower 148 feet in the air, then it plummeted at 47 miles-an-hour.

"We'll probably go on it 20 times today if the lines are good,” said Jim Novak of Plains.

Jim and Emily Novak were some of the first riders to strap in, and they were all smiles after the drop.

The classic rides at Knoebels were still popular, too.

"We're hardcore phoenix fans," said Eli Yemzow of Numidia.

Yemzow and his friends from Mumidia waited in a long line to catch a ride on the Phoenix.

Built at Knoebels in 1985, the phoenix is still one of the top-rated wooden coasters in the country. With the warm weather and sunshine, people didn't mind getting drenched on the flume.

Others enjoyed fairway food in the shade saying a trip to Knoebels on opening day, has been a family tradition.

"We'll be here all summer. This is our every other weekend place to come down here. Especially when we can play the games. I think we have about 30 thousand coupons saved," said Ray Boyd of Milton.

For the faint-of-heart who don't like roller coasters or heights, the Galleon Pirate Ship is still swinging.

The buy one get on free hand-stamp deal continues Sunday for the opening weekend.

The pool at Knoebles will open on memorial day.