Gardeners Look Forward to Good Planting Weekend

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DUNMORE -- People with green thumbs are keeping their other fingers crossed that the sun will stay out for the weekend.

The parking lot at Jerry's For All Seasons in Dunmore was nearly full. The bright sun outside seemed to draw customers to the bright colors inside.

Avid gardeners said this is shaping up to be the first good planting weekend of the year. Brenda Barberich stocked up on the first round of crops for her garden at home in Jessup.

"Got some basil, some jalapeno, some oregano, and some rosemary," Barberich said.

Whether it was vegetable plants, or just flowers for added color, the employees at Jerry's For All Seasons made sure they had a good stock headed into the weekend. They expect it to be busy with gardeners itching to get out in the yard.

It's not just the folks at Jerry's For All Seasons who said there's a simple saying in the greenhouse business. When the sun comes out, so do the shoppers.

"You can tell the difference, if it's a rainy day people just don't want to come in. But when you step out of your house and it's nice outside, the sun is shining, you just want to get outside," said Aaron Pierce, the store's greenhouse manager.

Pierce said though the daytime weather may be perfect for planting, the nighttime weather is still a little cold for your plants. So, you have to be careful about which plants you pick.

"This is the time when all your cold crop vegetables should go in. Any of your lettuces, cabbages, broccoli, people are planting pansies even petunias will take a light frost without a problem," added Pierce.

Pierce said, and our Newswatch 16 meteorologists agreed, we can still have frost until late May. Then you'll have more options.

At least the sun's out though, and that's something.