Planting Trees, Hoping Good Things Take Root

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MONTGOMERY — Earth Day celebrations continued in Lycoming County with new trees going in the ground in one community.

By the time more than a dozen volunteers would finish the job in Montgomery, about 50 new trees will be well on their way to taking root.

The students from Penn College and Lycoming College pitched in to help plant the trees throughout the community, all part of an effort to revitalize Montgomery.

“It’s a cute little town, nice to see them trying to improve it, nice to be able to help that,” said Katy Wrona, a senior at Lycoming College.

The trees arrived just before Arbor Day and were made possible by a grant from the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership that was matched with local contributions.

“Idea is to improve the appearance as people come into town, kind of the greenway, streetscape, shading the pavement,” said Becky Sanguedolce of Revitalize Montgomery.

A number of trees are being planted on private property in Montgomery. The homeowners said it should help them get a tree or two for free and in the long run help beautify this community that desperately needs it.

“Montgomery needs a lot of sprucing up. It’s trying to get industry back into here,” said resident Ken Aikey.

Aikey will end up with five new trees in his yard and said all the new plantings will make Montgomery more inviting.

That could be the start to helping the environment and this community for a long time to come.