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Man Accused of Selling Fake Gold and Silver

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LUZERNE -- A man was arraigned in Luzerne County today for selling gold and silver for thousands of dollars when it was actually fake. On top of that, police found drugs in his home.

"No comment."

David Steele didn't have much to say as he was led out of a magistrate's office in Swoyersville. He was arraigned on charges of theft by deception, resisting arrest, and possessing drugs.

Police say it's all because of these: gold and silver that he sold to two brothers for more than $12,000. But it turned out, none of it was real.

According to court papers, none of the pieces had serial numbers. The brothers bought some of it through Craigslist. They bought the rest here at steele's house on Charles Street in Luzerne.

Police searched the home and found more counterfeit gold and silver, 15 bundles of heroin, and Steele himself hiding in a cabinet.

Steele's neighbors did not feel comfortable talking on camera but didn't paint a pretty picture of him. They say he's caused problems in this neighborhood for a while and they've had to call the cops on him several times.

Steele is locked up in Luzerne County Jail on these charges and a probation violation. He's due back in court next month.