Keystone Pitching Leading Division III

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Opponents are hitting .202 off Keystone College pitching. The Giants lead all of division III in era at 1.81 runs a game. It's a combination of things leading to the success. The power of Mike Pembleton and the raw ability of Rob Rogers. 1-2-3 innings are a constant at Christy Mathewson field.

"It's unbelievable especially since we did so we'll last year, and then to come back after losing a few guys we we're able to come back and work harder this year and get to a best spot beyond where we we're at the end of last year. It's pretty impressive actually," said Rob Rogers.

Adam Sosnowski a sophomore relief pitcher for the Keystone Giants is from Mid Valley high school. Adam is acing his final exam here in 2013. In 16 innings pitched 11 hits allowed four runs 17 strikeouts and a modest 1.08 era.

"Just being part of the staff is special alone just to know that your #1 in the nation it just, it's a great feeling," said Adam Sosnowski.

The glue that keeps this whole thing together is pitching coach Chris Homer. Chris a former Keystone College Giant player himself has come back here to make this staff one of the best in the country.

"I'm always excited every year we start-up, and this group's been special as every other one. They work really really hard. They deserve everything they get. They come here everyday, and they do what I ask. They do what all the rest of the coaches ask, and they continue to get better," said Chris Homer.

"We work real hard each practice. We make sure we get our running in. We do all the throwing. We take it real serious from the second we step on the field to off," again said Rob.

With PNC Field in Moosic hosting this year's Mid-Atlantic regional championship the Giants hope some home cooking propels them into the Division III World Series.