Beautifying Mifflinburg One Tree At A Time

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MIFFLINBURG -- Some people gave back to Mother Earth Thursday in Union County by planting trees.

Students from Mifflinburg Area High School got their hands dirty for Arbor Day at the borough's park.

This is the ninth year for the program.

"It's just something that I've always loved.  I loved the environment and I love working outdoors so I love coming down every year to plant the trees," said senior Ashley Confer.

The students are from the agriculture classes at Mifflinburg Area High School.  Students got their hands dirty and planted 16 trees.

"Some of the students told me yesterday they knew what they were doing because they've been doing it since ninth grade and now they're seniors, apparently," said Juergen Seefeldt.

Seefeldt is part of the shade tree commission in Mifflinburg.  He says ten of the trees were provided by the Penn State Cooperative Extension and the rest came from Union County's conservation program.

"Ten of the trees were planted here in the park and the other six will be out at the ball fields on Eighth Street, which is also part of our community park area," he said.

Seefeldt estimates over the past nine years, around 200 trees have been planted in Mifflinburg, including the trees that were planted by students.

"It helps the environment, it helps shade, protects from the sun, more oxygen in the air," said sophomore Zack Houpt.  "It's always good to give back to the earth."

"Today is just a way to give back to Mother Earth," said junior Donald Dehaven. "I like to come out here and plant the trees because we cut them all down and we need to give back."

Mifflinburg was honored with a Tree City USA certificate by the Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry and the Arbor Day Foundation.  It recognizes planting trees and caring for the community forest.