Taste Test: Prego Sauces

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MOOSIC -- For this weeks Taste Test, we decided to dip into something a little different. Pasta sauces!

Prego has come out with three new sauces for you to pour over your pasta dishes.

There are many different types of pasta sauces out there. Ragu, Prego and even some homemade sauces just to name a few.

Just about everyone has their own favorite. But since Prego came out with three new flavors: creamy vodka, spicy sausage and bacon and provolone, we decided to put them to the test!

We lined up the sauces and cooked up some pasta and had customers entering Gerrity's in Moosic tell us what they thought!

Richard Cordiano of Moosic says hes a fan of his own homemade pasta sauce but decided to give the Prego spicy sausage a try.

"It's a little bit spicier, it does taste similar to the homemade."

Coriano even added that he would use this sauce over his own if he was in a pinch.
The next sauce: bacon and provolone.

"I could taste the bacon in it, the cheese in it. The sauce is very good though. It's something different," said Eddie Gorzkowoski of Avoca."

Produce Assistant Joe Micek says he's a big pasta fan and loves all the sauces from Ragu and Prego but has yet to try the new creamy vodka. So of course we gave him a taste!

"I thought it was pretty good. There was a nice cream taste to it. And it tasted very sweet and i like a sweet sauce," Micek said.

Well so did many others. We found out of the three sauces more people were leaning towards the spicy sausage. The creamy vodka came in second.

If you're a big fan of pasta and want to try out the new Prego sauces. We found them at Gerritys for $2.19 a jar!