Lackawanna College Football Players Charged

SCRANTON --Three former Lackawanna College football players are charged with burglary, theft and receiving stolen property.

Police believe Tremon Ashford, Dominic Draughn, and Jalen Hutchings broke into an apartment on Quincy Avenue last week and took a TV, video game system, and other electronics.

Since then, the three have been expelled from school.

A statement from College officials said, "Lackawanna College has a zero tolerance policy for actions of this kind."

The football players should definitely be punished and I think the school should try to find a way to make themselves look better," said student John Watkins of Honesdale.

Lackawanna College football players have been in trouble before.

In 2009, four players were arrested and charged with a home invasion. Charges were dropped because prosecutors said witnesses in the case did not show up to court or refused to testify.

In 2010, a football player at the college was accused of starting a fight at a Scranton restaurant. Darrick Scott was charged with stealing money from a restaurant employee and then fighting with police who arrived on scene. Scott was expelled from school. Two other football players who were there were kicked off the team.

Still, most students Newswatch 16 spoke with at Lackawanna College said the school should not get a bad reputation, just those responsible for causing trouble.

"That's people's decisions, the school can't prevent them. I mean they can kick them out, that's all they can do. That shouldn't affect what the school's reputation should be," Nahje Carroll, another student.


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