UPDATE: Driver Sentenced To Prison In Deadly Hit and Run

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WILLIAMSPORT -- A man from Lycoming County will spend time behind bars for a crash that killed a pedestrian nearly one year ago.

Tuesday morning, a judge in Lycoming County sentenced Scott Treese from Montoursville to three to six years in prison.

Treese told the judge and the victim's family he is truly sorry for the pain he's caused.

Treese was led out of the Lycoming County Courthouse to begin a prison sentence for his role in a deadly hit and run last May.

"I'm very remorseful for what I did."

Treese was drunk behind the wheel when he hit Mark Jeirles, 46, along High street In the middle of the night last May. Treese did not stop and police eventually found him and charged him with homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence.

"Maybe he should have thought more about what he was doing before he decided to take off in a car drinking and doing drugs and stuff, should have at least thought of other people," said the victim's brother Daniel Jeirles.

The Jeirles family says it has been difficult ever since the deadly hit and run. The funeral expenses were costly and Mark Jeirles leaves behind three children.

"There's not a day that goes by we don't miss him."

During sentencing, a judge told Treese that "this is a direct and collateral consequence of substance abuse." and that after Treese serves out his sentence, "you can save other people's lives."

That's if Scott Treese is able to deal with his problems and speak to others about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

"Certainly, he had no intention of doing this. Hopefully counseling will go through in his sentencing and things will work out for him in the end. It's a tragedy for the victim's family," said Treese's attorney Mike Rudinski.

Treese was released on bail last year and authorities say he violated that bail when he went drinking at a bar. That's what led to a no contest plea to homicide by vehicle back in January and the sentence of three to six years.