Arctic Igloo Open In Elysburg

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ELYSBURG -- A new business in Northumberland County fills a void for folks in Elysburg. Until now, residents say they had no place in town where they could get some breakfast.

It was lunchtime rush at Arctic Igloo in Elysburg.  People enjoyed burgers and cheesesteaks at the new restaurant on Market Street which opened Monday.

"This is great," said Rosalyn Walter. "And the food is very good."

Owner Lisa Smith decided to open Arctic Igloo because of a lack of restaurants that serve breakfast in Elysburg.  Employees say the place offers a home-cooked meal at a good price.

"There are no breakfast places around here where people can go to enjoy and sit down and have a cup of coffee before they go to work.  I think this is the most convenient spot," said worker Lizzie Dorkoski.

People who live and work in Elysburg are excited about Arctic Igloo, and say it's convenient.

"It's in walking distance.  We don't have to start our vehicle and waste gas to get here.  So it works out good," said Tim Eckert of Elysburg.

"You don't have to jump in your vehicle and go eat and wait for them to prepare the food to get back to work on time," Dave Dorkoski of Mount Carmel.

For customers who are in a rush in the mornings, the Arctic Igloo has a drive-thru window, where customers can get coffee and donuts.

"It's just really close and convenient for everybody, and I think everybody will be excited because we've never had anything like this before," Lizzie said.

Aside from it being convenient, customers say they like the food.arctic igloo

"So far, great.  Breakfast was great and lunch was just as well,"  Dave added.

"We actually had breakfast here this morning so it works out that way, too," Eckert added.

Arctic Igloo opens at 6 a.m. every day.