Homes, Businesses Repairing Storm Damage

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BUFFALO TOWNSHIP -- Folks in part of central Pennsylvania were cleaning up storm damage Monday after some strong storms moved through the area Friday, uprooting trees and blowing roofs off buildings.

Mifflinburg Lumber and Building Supply, off Route 45 reopened Monday after Friday's storm caused major damage.  Four employees were inside the store Friday evening when strong winds blew a large section of the roof off of the warehouse next door.

Workers spent the day rebuilding the roof of the warehouse. Around 3,500 square feet of roofing blew off of the building during Friday's storm as employees were getting ready to close for the night.

"About that time the wind sucked all the doors open.  We tried to grab the one door shut and watched the lumber yard roof blow off," said Neil Hauger.

"I really didn't think it was our roof that I had seen 400 yards to the east, but it was," recalled general manager Nate Seigel.

Four employees were inside the store during the storm.  They watched as the roof blew off the warehouse and broke two windows inside the store.  No one was hurt.

"We didn't know if we were going to lose the roof on the store or not, we just stayed away from the windows and doors and waited for it to quit," Hauger added.

After the storm near Mifflinburg, wires were down and lumber and metal were everywhere.  Managers say the storm caused nearly $30,000 in damage.

"We were able to save most of our stock.  Some of it was damp but for the most part everything is in good shape," said Seigel.

Crews were also busy in other parts of Mifflinburg like on Walnut Street where the storm uprooted a tree, damaging a house."

"When they come down, they come down hard," said Shirley Eberhart.

She lives next door to this house on Walnut Street where crews removed a tree.  She says it could have easily been her house that got hit.

"When the wind blows, that one sways really bad."

Mifflinburg lumber and Building Supply was closed for repairs all weekend.  The business reopened Monday and the general manager expects to have all of the repairs finished by Monday night.