Block Party Gets Out of Hand

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BLOOMSBURG -- Broken bottles and plastic cups littered Fetterman Avenue in Bloomsburg. They were the remnants of the annual block party, held by students at Bloomsburg University.

"There were people on rooftops, people on trees, people on balconies," Bloomsburg Police Chief Leo Sokoloski said.

Chief Sokoloski said his department got numerous calls about loud noise and hundreds of intoxicated people at the block party.

On two occasions, police drove an armored vehicle called the Bearcat to the block party, and asked everyone to leave. Students responded by throwing bottles at police, even chipping the windshield of the Bearcat.

"It was like a snowstorm where students and young adults were tossing bottles, cans and anything that wasn't nailed down at police and the vehicles that approached," Chief Sokoloski said.

Police used pepper spray on the party-goers.

"You could see it looked like a fire going out there down the road," Ryan Emmons said.

Police said none of the students on Fetterman Avenue had the proper permits. He said they had the right to hold parties on their properties, but not in the street.

Ryan Emmons was at the block party and had fun.

"We are the college town of Bloomsburg and we should be able to have fun down here. It's our one tradition," Emmons said.

The chief said so far more than 70 people were arrested in connection with the block party. He expects more charges to be filed.

"We are sending photos to agencies that have facial recognition software," Chief Sokoloski said.

Police believe this man threw the rock that damaged the Bearcat. If you recognize him or anyone else in the video, you are asked to contact Bloomsburg Police.