Terrorism Expert Speaks Out

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As the world watches the event unfold near Boston, experts are weighing in on potentially how the situation could unravel. That includes a terrorism expert from Schuylkill County who sat down with Newswatch 16. He's Professor Hakan Can

When it comes to the bombings in Boston, Can doesn't believe its roots are overseas.

"Overall this is, yes it's terrorism, but it's domestic terrorism from my perspective," said Can.

The two bombing suspects were born in eastern Europe.

"They don't become used to our way of life and they become in alienated and left out and most of them are good people," said Can.

Police officer Wayne Moreland took a terrorism class with Professor Can.

"This is my 17th year as a police officer and really opened my eyes to things I wasn't really aware till I took the class. It really opened my eyes to a lot more things and made me more open minded and be more aware of things to do the job a little better," said Wayne Moreland of the Muhlenberg Township Police.

Shady Nasralla is a current student of Professor Can's.

"If nothing big happens we tend to bring down our security level and this is sort of a wake up call, and nothing more is going to happen because we're going to be on high alert now," said Nasralla.

However, Professor Can warns that because we live in an open and free society, there`s the chance that the same kind of terrorism which struck Boston could happen again.