Bennett Sentenced for Killing Two Men

SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY - Brett Bennett didn't have much to say as he was escorted out of the Susquehanna County Courthouse to begin serving a maximum five-year sentence for killing two men in New Milford back in February of 2012.

"I've said everything I need to say," said Bennett.

The family one of the victim's - Edward Turner III sat in the courtroom as Bennett learned of his sentence.

"It`s just sad. You`ll never see him again. He`s buried with my mom and it`s like, they`re ok now. God`s with them," said Geannine Turner, the victim's sister.

Inside the courtroom, Bennett had tears in his eyes as he pleaded for a lenient sentence - and that he was sorry for driving about 80 miles an hour drunk along Route 11 and taking the life of Brian Thomas and Turner.

Bennett's mother, father, brother and several friends also testified on his behalf, saying he was a good man and father to his three-year-old daughter.

"It's a little difficult to understand because evidentially he showed no remorse in the beginning, but when it comes time to pay the piper he starts to think about it," said the victim's father Edward Turner Jr.

"Tears that flowed in my office on a number of occasions. He was extremely emotional in my office when I met with him from the first day I met with him," said Bennett's attorney Paul Walker.

Now the man from Kingsley will remain locked up for at least 16 months - and the family of the victim showed forgiveness, but say this is something they won't ever be able to forget.

"I don't hate him or anything, it was just something stupid that could have been avoided," said Turner.

This isn't the first time the turner family has had to deal with tragedy. They lost another son in 1972 at a young age.


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