Students Learn How to Respond to Emergencies

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SELINSGROVE -- Some children now know how and when to dial 911. Kindergarten classes at Selinsgrove Area School District took a field trip to the Snyder County 911 Center today.

Kindergarten students in Snyder County learned all about the do's and don'ts of dialing 911. The 5 and 6 year olds took a field trip to the Snyder County 911 Center.

"What we're finding out is kids these days aren't familiar with what 911 really is about. By practicing dialing 911 they feel more comfortable and they'll learn something during the whole thing," Snyder County 911 Coordinator Chad Aucker said.

911 dispatchers in Snyder County spent the day showing children from the Selinsgrove Area School District how to dial 911, when to call.

"When someone gets hurt and there's a fire and when someone can't wake up," Kaitlynn Shafer said.

"Do you call 911 to order a pizza? No," Keegan Kline said.

...and what to say. The students even got to try it themselves.

"If there's an emergency you always call 911 and then when you get help you should just stand out of the way and watch them do their work," Brennan Kline said.

The 911 dispatchers have some homework for parents. They want parents to make sure their kids know their home addresses and phone numbers in case of emergency.

"Those two important things play a key role in actually getting help for residents calling 911 themselves," Aucker said.

After the students toured the Snyder County 911 Center, they got prizes for a job well done.