Panther Vally Middle School Has The Power To Save

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SUMMIT HILL — A middle school in Carbon County received an award Thursday for its recycling efforts.

And it’s quite an achievement, considering that the county recently eliminated its recycling program.

The pictures say it all: students from the Panther Valley Middle School doing all kinds of recycling; nearly 18 pounds per student.

Even their earth science classroom has a recycling theme. Everywhere you look you can spot some aspect of recycling.

“We do all kind of different things, crushing cans, taking off the can tabs and we do a real good job,” said student Jenny Lin.

The middle school in Summit Hill beat out 1,500 other schools in Pennsylvania for recycling the most material during the school year.

The contest was sponsored by a number of groups including Nestle, a company that sells bottled water.

“We talk to our customers all the time and what they tell us is they love our water but they’re concerned about the packaging and we’ve taken that to heart, like light weighting the bottles,” said Peter Rittenhouse of Nestle Waters.

The students were honored for their efforts and the school received $1,000 from Nestle for promoting recycling.

“We decided to purchase picnic benches made out of recyclable plastic,”
said science teacher Chris Powell.

While the Carbon County school is getting an award for recycling, the Carbon County commissioners have eliminated the recycling program for the county to reduce spending. Now this school will have to find new places to take their recyclables.