Investigators: Business Fire Accidential

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HAZLETON -- The owners of a Hazleton business that was partially destroyed by fire vow to get things back to normal.

Crews battled a huge blaze at Holeshot Cycle on South Church Street Wednesday afternoon. It started in a storage area.

Officials estimate that at least 40 motorcycles,dirt bikes and ATVs were destroyed.

Grease, tires, and other lubricants help fuel the blaze to a point where smoke could be seen for miles.

Fire investigators were back at the scene Thursday looking for a cause, while the owners talked to an insurance adjuster.

Melanie Dickson, a co-owner, said she can't believe what she and her husband are faced with.

"I haven't been able to really function yet so I am not really sure today, no thoughts at this point, just get through the day."

Jennifer Bodnar said she is friends with the owners.

"It's just a shame, it is, they are such good people. I walked in yesterday to check on Melanie, she was just so upset, crying. I felt for her. I felt so bad for her."

Bodnar and others are there to lend emotional support.

"It's sad, my kids, my family got their dirt bikes fixed here as long as I can remember. We're here to support them and help them the best way we can because they help us." Bodnar explained.

Mark Sterenchock, another friend of the owners, said he's at the business to lend a helping hand.

"I felt sorry for them. It`s part of a loss. It's their business and they love doing it, and they'll help anybody and now it's time to try and pay back and help."

The owners of Holeshot Cycle say they will continue to sell parts and accessories and do repairs out of the undamaged portion of their business.

Late word from fire officials is that the blaze was an accident. Investigators believe the fire started in a battery charger or the motorcycle it was attached to.