Hazleton Businesses Reopen

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HAZLETON -- Inside the Heritage Supermarket in Hazleton the cash registers are ringing, shelves are being stocked and food is being prepared.

The market and three other businesses were shutdown by the city for almost five days. The reason: a nearby brick smokestack.

City officials feared the 130 foot high structure could fall and crash into nearby homes and businesses. The all clear was given after crews dismantled enough of the smokestack to make it safe.

Even though the Hertitage Supermarket was closed, Assistant Manager Lorie Malloy said they still met at least one customers needs.

"She had oral surgery, came home from the doctors, special diet, she called and said 'are you open yet?' She said 'I have special things I need.' We got her order we took it down the street for her, it wasn't much but it was important to her."

Francis Harmonosky said he depends on the store and is a loyal customer and wanted the store to open sooner.

"I was down when it was down I was down every day to check it out and see what was going on."

Things are getting back to normal at Hajoca's Plumbing and Heating, another business forced to shut down. Manager Ann Kline said that delayed the delivery of supplies to Hajoca's.

"We're getting our water heaters, they rescheduled. We're getting our oil tanks, but to be honest, it was worth it to get rid of that. We would look at it and everyday there were more bricks missing."

The owner of the property has told city officials that he won't stop with the smokestack.  He'll tear down several old buildings on the property including a water tank.