Taste Test: Veggie Tortilla and Sweet Potato Chips

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Chips are a common snack that many of us munch on during the day or choose to have for a quick snack to hold us over for dinner, but a lot of the time the chips we choose may not be the healthiest.

Well, Green Giant has come out with two new flavored chips that the maker claims are tasty and healthy.

Of course, we had to put the chips to the test. So we took a few bags to Walmart in Taylor. The first bag: roasted veggie tortilla chips with a zesty cheddar flavor.

"To be honest with you, (the) first thing I tasted was the smoothness. Like sometimes when you put a Dorito in your mouth, you get that instant zestfulness in your mouth, like a bite and you don't get it. It's more smooth," said Denise Mangan from Scranton.

"I thought it was going to be something that would taste hotter from the covering on it but no, it's really tasty," said Marian Donovan from Scranton.

The overall consensus of the veggie tortilla chip: it had the look of a Dorito but they say it tasted better.

The next bag of chips: multigrain sweet potato with a hint of sea salt.

"They didn't really taste sweet potato they tasted like a multigrain nacho."

While some people thought these sweet potato chips had little to no flavor, others disagreed.

"Kind of did reminds me of, like, a Thanksgiving dinner, almost. It was really good," said Elizabeth Miller from Wilkes-Barre

Out of the two chips, everyone seemed to be reaching for the veggie tortilla zesty cheddar. So of course, I had to try them out.

My vote goes to the zesty cheddar.