Ray Gricar’s Disappearance: Eight Years Later

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LEWISBURG -- It has been eight years since Ray Gricar was last seen.

Friends and family said the Centre County district attorney was planing to retire after holding office for 20 years, something he was looking forward to.

Former Montour County District Attorney Robert Buehner, Jr. said his friend was planning to travel.

"His daughter was out in Seattle, Washington, he wanted to see the national parks. He was an antique collector, he wanted to go to antique stores," said Buehner during an interview at his home Tuesday night.

In April of 2005, Gricar was last seen at the Street of Shops in Lewisburg. His car was discovered parked nearby.

Crews searched the area and the nearby Susquehanna River. Later, Gricar's computer was found, but Gricar, himself, has not been heard from again.

Some investigators believed he may have killed himself or decided to walk away from his life.

Gricar left a daughter behind and hundreds of thousands of dollars in bank accounts.

Buehner said he is convinced someone killed Gricar.

"Some of the most terrible acts committed in our society are prosecuted by district attorneys. We make enemies and I think that someone out there for revenge decided they wanted to take him and do away with him. "

In 1998, before his disappearance, Ray Gricar declined to file charges against Jerry Sandusky, citing a lack of evidence.

Since then, a jury found the former Penn State assistant football coach guilty of sexually assaulting young boys.

Buehner said Gricar's disappearance had nothing to do with the Sandusky case.

"If Ray Gricar were alive today he would have probably been a witness for Jerry Sandusky because of disapproving charges in 1998. So there was no motive connected with Sandusky or anything like that because he was the one guy who said 'no' to charges."

"It's never too late. Somebody obviously knows what happened to Ray Gricar and we need to find who that person is. "

Ray Gricar was declared legally dead in 2011.