Honesdale Runners Left Boston Before Explosions

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WAYNE COUNTY -- Two co-workers and runners from Wayne County were on their way home from yesterday's Boston Marathon when they found out what unfolded near the finish line they had crossed only hours ago.

Jeff Hugaboom of Honesdale ran his personal best in Boston. The 36-year old runner completed the 2013 Boston Marathon in just under three hours. Hugaboom was on his way home with his family, before he knew bombs went off only about an hour after he finished at mile marker 26.

"We were probably 20 miles out of Boston when the texts that we received went from 'how was your race?' to 'are you ok?'" said Hugaboom. "Obviously we were just in shock and just grateful that we were out of the area and all safe and sound, and then our thoughts went to all the families and people effected by the explosion."

Jason Kennedy of Honesdale works with Hugaboom at Woodloch Springs Golf Course and says he too had already crossed the finish line and left Boston before these explosions killed two and injured more than 170 people.

"I was on my way home in Connecticut on Interstate 84 and all of a sudden started getting a bunch of calls and texts wondering if I was O.K.," said Kennedy.

Kennedy says all the runners and families he knew made it out safely, but now his running partner says he'll hesitate to bring anyone to their next big race.

"I wouldn't normally think twice about bringing my family to an event but when I heard that there was an 8-year-old boy killed, I have an 8-year-old son. It makes you think twice about bringing your friends and family," said Hugaboom.

For both of these Wayne County runners, this race is one they'll never forget.

"Terrible feeling, I mean I feel bad but at the same time I`m happy everybody that I know anyways got out safe," said Kennedy.

"You kind of talk about the 117th Boston Marathon in a different way now. It was a great achievement and I did run a good race, and all that stuff happened, but now this tragedy is looming over it," said Hugaboom.

Kennedy says he doesn't plan to run the Boston Marathon next year, but he won't stop running at big events like it anytime soon. For Hugaboom, he's planning to return to the historic 26.2 mile course next year.