Students React to Robbery

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SELINSGROVE -- Officials at Susquehanna University have increased security after a home invasion and robbery on Saturday morning.

The crime happened off campus at an apartment house on Market Street.

Police say two men wearing masks walked in to this building and robbed 12 students at gunpoint. One of the victims had to be treated at a hospital after being hit with the butt of a gun.

"When I woke up, I was freaking out because it was literally right down the street from me. It could have been someone breaking into my apartment, or if I had been in the wrong place, you just never know," Lindsay Robbins said.

"It was pretty scary just because you really don't hear about stuff like that happening around here at all. This is the first time something like this has ever happened. It was alarming at first," Leah Gardiner said.

Officials at Susquehanna University sent a text message alert about the crime to all students. The university is offering counseling services, and has increased security on campus.

"We have outsourced with an outside security entity which has provided increased patrols with our department of public safety," Chief Communications Officer Angela Burrows said.

Police and officials at Susquehanna University are encouraging students to stay alert and report anything suspicious. Many students tell Newswatch 16 they will now be more vigilant about their safety.

"There's an emergency app. They are telling us about that gets you in touch with the campus security. I feel like I'm going to download things like that so if I'm ever in trouble I can get in touch with someone right away," Robbins said.

"I mean, I live right down there, so whenever I walk back to her house, I'm always calling her at night now, which normally I wouldn't do that," Tyler Whalen said.

Selinsgrove police would not say if this was a random crime or if the students were targeted.