North Pocono Teachers Plan to Strike Thursday

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There was a negotiations meeting with North Pocono's Superintendent and teachers' union representatives Monday evening in the hopes of reaching a last minute agreement, but the union rejected the offer posed by the administration.

The teachers in the North Pocono School District notified administrators they plan to walk the picket lines starting this Thursday.

The North Pocono School District includes the greater Moscow area in Lackawanna County. Parents and employees were notified Monday that the teachers' union plans to strike starting Thursday.

And as far as teachers, administrators, and parents remembered, there has never been a strike at North Pocono before.

The few thousand students in the North Pocono School District left classes Monday finally confirming what was long-speculated. That contract negotiations between administrators and the teachers' union are at a stand still.

"All the teachers were all sharing what is actually going on, because they figured it affected us also. There was definitely a vibe going throughout the school," said North Pocono junior Andrew Heren.

Heren and fellow student Jacob Guerra weren't surprised teachers announced plans to strike.

The teachers have been working without a contract since last June.

But, the students said they're disappointed the strike's coming so late in the school year.

"I am not looking forward to the strike because it means we're going to have to stay in school longer in the year, and that may also affect what time we go back next year which is our senior year," added Guerra.

North Pocono's Superintendent wouldn't comment on negotiations other than to say they're ongoing and the district would keep parents informed with automated phone calls.

A state union representative said the main hang ups in negotiations have to do with health care, and how much teachers pay for it.

There will not be any further negotiation meetings this week, which makes it very likely the teachers will strike Thursday.