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Tax Crunch Time

Posted on: 8:39 pm, April 14, 2013, by , updated on: 10:51pm, April 14, 2013

With just hours remaining before the midnight filing deadline, tax preparers at Liberty Tax Service in Dunmore are getting ready for the last minute rush.

“Some people are waiting for additional forms. Some people just aren’t in a rush. Some people lose track of time. People have busy schedules,” said Mary Ward.

According to the IRS, more than 97 million people have already filed their tax returns. About 90% of them will be getting returns. Those who still need to file may not be so lucky.

“Right now you’re getting people who are close to breaking even or do owe some money,” said Joe Mihalka, Liberty Tax owner. “We tend to do 10% to 20% of our business in the last week of tax season. I don’t know if it’s April 15 starting to get closer or if they would rather just, they’re procrastinators.”

At the Liberty Tax office near Pittston, several people stopped by to pick up their returns.

Workers said they will be staying at the office right up until Monday’s midnight deadline.

“Obviously we don’t want to push anybody out. We want to make sure we get everything properly put in, and they understand everything we’re doing and how we came to the end result of their refund or their taxes owed,” said Ward.

Come April 16, it’s time for tax preparers to take a much needed break.

“We are going to be open the rest of the week, just in case somebody did forget about the 15th, but next week I will be taking a vacation,” said Mihalka.

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