Debate Over Gun Control

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SCRANTON -- A rally in support of Second Amendment gun rights was held in Lackawanna County Saturday, and it included one state law maker.

Republican State Representative Daryl Metcalfe was the guest speaker at Saturday’s rally in Scranton, where dozens of people turned out to stand-up for what they call "their God-given right to own guns."

It's been a hot topic for months, whether or not more restrictions need to be put in place to limit the purchase of guns.

Members of this rally along Viewmont Drive in Scranton said the Second Amendment needs to be protected.

PA State Representative Daryl Metcalfe was the guest speaker at the event. Metcalfe, who is a Republican out of Butler County, is a well-known supporter of gun rights.

However, proponents of gun control tell a different story. Many believe that public massacres, like the recent school shooting in Connecticut, can be prevented by putting stronger background checks in place. However, this group sees it differently.

Representative Metcalfe has gone so far as to sponsor State House Bill 357, which he said, could over-turn any gun restrictions the federal government may try to impose.

State Bill 357, however, has not yet gained the support it needs to reach the house floor for a vote.

A similar rally in support of Second Amendment gun rights is set to take place Friday April 19th at noon. This time it will be held next to the Susquehanna County Courthouse in Montrose.

So the debate over gun control continues, and no doubt will do so for some time.


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