Armed Home Invasion in Selinsgrove

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SELINSGROVE — Police were notified of an apparent armed home invasion early Saturday morning in Snyder County.

Officials said it happened on the 100 block of S. Market Street, when two males invaded a home occupied with 12 students from Susquehanna University, just after midnight.

Police said the men were both wearing masks, and armed with guns when they entered the apartment, and commanded the victims to get on the floor, demanding all of their cell phones, and wallets.

Officials said the suspects then encountered three females in the bathroom of the residence, forcibly robbed them, and hit one with the butt of a shotgun, causing injury to her head.

According to police, the students described the suspects as two black males between the age of 18 and 28.

Police said the suspects fled the scene, and both men were last seen running on E. Bough Street in Selinsgrove.

After officials notified Susquehanna University about the armed home invasion, the university executed a campus lock-down in accordance with safety procedures.

Selinsgrove Police are asking anyone with any information about the invasion to call them at (570)-374-8655.