Florist Sees Growth in Old Greenhouse

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SCRANTON -- A vacant florist's building in Scranton, that was recently damaged because of a car crash, may be going back to what it once was.

Another florist is in the process buying the building to expand its business and save that old building.

It's a building that hundreds of cars might pass in a day, on North Main Avenue or spot it from the North Scranton Expressway above. It was once brightly colored from the flowers inside, but over the last two years the old Remick Floral Shop has gotten run down.

An SUV hit its greenhouse earlier this year, leaving behind a roped off mess. But, another florist based out of Lackawanna County vows to clean it all up and start growing things here again.

"We're expecting six to 10 new positions there right out of the gate, and we're excited not only about that, about bringing new jobs to Scranton, but improving the place along the way and improving the tax rolls as well," said Ann Frisbie from McCarthy's Flowers.

Newswatch 16 met with managers from McCarthy's at their location near Clarks Summit. McCarthy calls itself the largest family-owned florist in the country.

They plan to close on the sale of the Remick Floral building at the end of the month, and the old florist on North Main Avenue will be its fourth location in Lackawanna County.

The neighborhood used to be a small hub of business in Scranton, with Remick Floral and the factory for Avanti Cigar. Both of those buildings are empty now, and folks who live around here are happy there will be activity here again.

"My only concern was the fires," said Dominic Figliomeni.

Figliomeni said a vacant house next to his caught fire a few years ago and he was worried that the Remick Floral building would have the same fate.

Other neighbors, like Dottie Gervasi, were more worried about who would eventually occupy the building.

"I wanted to make sure it was going to be a nice floral shop with lots of parking. So it doesn't take away from the Tripp House, my house, and the neighbor's house, because this is a nice neighborhood to live in," said Gervasi.