Mold Found In School

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BUTLER TOWNSHIP -- Mold has been found in a new school planned by the Hazleton Area School District.  Flawed construction is blamed.

Workers inside are busy renovating the new Hazleton Area Academy of Science building near Hazleton.

The building was bought by the school district for $4 million.  Now mold has been found in the structure. An architect, Douglas Rohrbaugh said luckily it's trapped between an inner and outside wall.

"It's not on the inside of the wall because it's not exposed to those inside the building to those spores ."

Officials said water leaked in because the barrier to prevent that was not properly installed.

John Koury said his company built the structure.

"Some of the investigations we found some incorrect flashing details, which are a major part of the problem."

Officials said up to 500 students from the high school will go to the new school, where courses in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics will be offered.

The assistant principal for the Academy of Sciences and a prospective student are excited about what the new school will offer. Student Brittany Shimanski wants to be an anthropologist.

"I think it's important to take the specific classes that pertain to the job that you take up in life that way it will allow you to pursue your goals," Smimanski explained.

Assistant Principal Marie Ernst predicted the school will mean a lot to students.

"When they go to college they will be one up on students from other schools because they would have already taken introductory courses," Ernest said.

Hazleton Area school officials believe that insurance will pay for removing the mold, taxpayers will not be impacted and the Academy of Science will open on schedule in September.