Servicing Boats For Spring

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WEST CHILLISQUAQUE TOWNSHIP -- People are taking advantage of the warm weather this week by hitting the water and fishing.

Sometimes when you bring your boats out of hibernation, the wear and tear of winter keeps them on land

When the temperatures go up people dust off their boats and hit the water.  Rodney and Jennifer Capouillez say it is perfect weather to fish in the Susquehanna River near Sunbury.

"I had the day off, so I got to come out and relax, get some sun and catch some fish," Jennifer said.

"Last week, we were out here and it was 32 degrees so we were dressed up a lot warmer.  Today was just a lot nicer and more comfortable to fish and we enjoyed ourselves," added Rodney.

Not everyone has good luck this time of year.  There is a steady stream of customers at Robbins Marine near Milton including Steve Zemany of Berwick.

"We went up to go fishing and I had a pump come apart in my boat, I guess, and took on some water, so I brought it in for repair."

Robbins Marine, along Route 405 near Milton sells and services boats.  Co-owner Dennis Robbins says preparation for boating season starts before winter hits.

"If you hadn't winterized it properly, there's a lot of additional things you need to look for in the spring."

Robbins says now is a good time for boaters to check the propellers, steering and other general maintenance.

"A lot of the larger service jobs are coming in now because they know spring is on the way and it's going to take time to fix those things."

"Check your tie-down straps on the boat.  Make sure it's tied down safely, and the lights on the trailer," said mechanic Ken Waughen.

In addition to making sure everything on your boat is working properly, you also want to make sure you have the proper size life vest and a throw away cushion that is in good working order so you stay safe while out on the water.