Popular Drive-In Opens for the Season

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MILTON -- If you're a fan of fish sandwiches and you live in Central Pennsylvania, you've probably been to The Fence.

A sign of spring in Northumberland County is a full parking lot at The Fence. It was opening day at the popular drive-in near Milton. People lined up outside before the restaurant even opened!

"I try to be the first one here so we can get the first fish sandwiches out of here. We've been doing that for a long time," Bob Sampsell said.

"We can't wait to come up here every year. They open at 4:00 and we're here at 3:30 waiting for them. The food is fabulous and nice fresh air," Tim Sulouff said.

The drive-in restaurant along Route 405, south of Milton is known for its famous fish sandwiches. Some people take their food home, some eat in their cars, while others sit at picnic tables along the Susquehanna River.

"Everybody in the community waits for this day. They can't wait because they can't get it all winter long. It really is a local phenomenon I think," employee Ashley Reese said.

"People love this place in their backyard. We get people from so many surrounding areas and even out of the area. It's a marker for springtime," owner Matthew Rabb said.

To get ready for opening day employees cut 300 pounds of fish and prepared 35 gallons of tartar sauce. They expect to go through most of that on opening day.

"They're the best. We can't wait every year. This is probably where we eat most of the time," Sampsell said.

The Fence is open through October.