Blakeslee Teen Creating Trash Pick Up Movement

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BLAKESLEE -- An 18-year-old Pocono Mountain West graduate is sick of seeing trash scattered in one part of his neighborhood. So he decided to do something about it and inspired a few friends to "pitch in" to clean up.

"I just felt compelled to do this," said Xavier Rodriguez of Blakeslee.

The Poconos is home for Rodriguez and he can't bear to see anymore trash collecting in one section of his neighborhood.

"I've passed by this area multiple times. I've seen dozens and dozens of trash bags. Over thousands, actually, in trees, on grass, in areas animals live. Environmentally, it's disgusting," said Rodriguez.

So Xavier took the trash issue into his own hands and started collecting the garbage that's been accumulating off of Route 940 in Mount Pocono.

"I found it interesting that so many people live here and nobody is doing anything to change it, so we just did it," said Rodriguez.

Xavier's good friend Amanda Virasack and Tyron Brown, Jr. decided to pitch in.

"There's a lot of trash, I didn't' expect there to be so much trash," said Virasack of Tobyhanna.

"We worked on that, and got that little area clean," said Brown.

But with a project this large, Xavier's team of three needs a little backup.

If you want to help Xavier and his friends with the clean up effort, there are somethings you gotta keep in mind.

You want to come prepared. So make sure you bring some water, bug spray, keep your hair up, wear long pants, and also bring heavy-duty gloves with you.

"Why not, why not do this? It's gorgeous outside, gorgeous weather, it's springtime. Come and clean. Do something positive!" said Rodriguez.

And that's exactly what Xavier inspired me to do as well.

The group will meet again Thursday at 9 a.m. on Route 940 across the street from WalMart in Mount Pocono.  The group works until 5 p.m. everyday.

The group is not meeting Friday, but will continue cleaning up Saturday at 9 a.m.