Taste Test: Beef Jerky

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If you are an outdoors kind of person who likes all-day trips hunting, fishing or hiking you might take along some beef jerky for the road.

There were all sorts of outdoor enthusiasts at this year's Pennsylvania Outdoor Life Expo at the Lycoming Mall.

"I hunt small game, I hunt big game, I fish, I fish the Susquehanna River. That's about it," said Walter Beaver of Winfield.

"Hunt, if I could, every day, she won't let me," said Theron Martin of Turbotville. "Baseball, football, stuff like that."

"We take candy, a lot of us take our own homemade jerky and sandwiches," Martin added.

"We always take a bag of candy bars and cookies and jerky," said Beaver.

Jerky seemed to be the big snack that everyone mentioned  So it was a good thing we brought six bags of six different flavors of Jack Link's Beef jerky for everyone to try.

"I've tried the original, the two teriyakis, and the peppered," said Landon Firmstone of Waymart.

One flavor that Firmstone didn't get to try yet was the sweet and hot, so he took a big bite.

"I don't see that much of a difference between that one and the teriyaki one."

Others liked the peppered jerky.

"That's got a good peppered taste to it. But I prefer the sweet and spicy," said Martin.

Beaver said he's only ever tried the original, so this time he went for the teriyaki bites.

"It's good. I like it," he said. "I'd still probably buy the original."

It seemed no matter what the flavor, the jerky was a big hit; gone within minutes of being placed out on the tables.