School Closings And Delays

Students Get Anti Drunk Driving Lessons

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TAMAQUA -- A school district in Schuylkill County is trying to save the lives of students.

Teens wearing special goggles, which simulate how things look if you're drunk, tried walking a straight line. Most couldn't do it.

The lesson is being taught for Tamaqua Area High School students. Many will go to the prom this Friday night and school officials want to make sure none will drink and drive.

Nicki Mateyak is president of the student government at the high school.

"It's fun to put it together because this class is like a family and we don't want anything to happen to them." Mateyak explained.

After walking the line, the students get into a golf cart with a teacher. Still wearing the goggles, they go through a painted course.

Student Duilan Houser said the idea is say within the lines.

"My teacher was making fun of me. He said 'do you normally drive on the sidewalk?' I was all over the place!"

Student Derek Zinicola said wearing the goggles is quite the experience.

"It's crazy because everything is distorted and you still have your mental capabilities but it's tough."

Teacher Jim McCabe explained making the experience as real as possible is effective.

"When the kids get to do something than rather hear from a teacher lecturing or writing down notes, this seems to be a little more intense, real understanding, real life."

Red ribbons can be seen on cars in the school's parking lot as a reminder not to mix alcohol and driving. A wrecked car is in front of the school showing students what can happen when alcohol and driving is mixed.