St. Joseph’s Slates Donation Campaign

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SCRANTON -- At a news conference Tuesday morning in Lackawanna County, board members of St. Joseph's Center and Sister Maryalice Jacquinot announced the first donation campaign for the center in almost a century.

St. Joseph's Center helps physically and mentally challenged children and adults.

Board members explained that St. Joe's has seen significant cuts in state and federal funding plus the center had a $1.6 million deficit last year

"The need continues, and obviously we still want to be able to respond to the need just as those first women did in 1888. You know, they responded to a need without saying 'how will be able to do this and keep it going?' We have that same spirit in us," said Sr. Maryalice Jacquinot.

The goal of this year's campaign at St. Joseph's Center is $250,000.

The board hopes to raise the money through donations.