Police: Windows Busted By BB Gun Shots

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Police in Hazleton say several vehicles had windows broken out…sometime in the overnight hours.

Investigators believe the windows were shot out by BB guns or pellet guns.

The back window of Annie Deaza’s minivan has a garbage bag taped over it after she found the glass shattered outside her home in Hazleton.

“I found my car like crashed, everything was smashed, it`s a pain in the butt but what can we do, I hope the police do something,” said Deaza.

And her vehicle isn`t the only one with broken windows here on North Laurel Street; the Brunos say one of their neighbors was hit.

“He came home from work last night and everybody was standing out on the street and everybody told him.”

Hazleton police say several vehicles had windows busted out sometime overnight.

Investigators believe they were shot out with either BB guns or pellet guns.

Police say the vandalism happened on North Laurel, 1st and 5th Streets and on South Cedar Street where at least three cars still sat with busted windows.

“My son`s car window shot out and a bunch of other cars up the street here. it`s ridiculous,” said Brian Berry.

Auto window dealers say they`ve had their hands full.

“We had several calls, I say about six, seven, six calls for tempered parts, door glasses, back door glasses and that`s mostly what it was,” said Nick Manyko, the owner of The Auto Glass Shop.

And the victims say not only is this a major inconvenience, it`s an expensive headache with some windows costing hundreds of dollars to replace.

Many here in Hazleton hope this crime is stopped before more damage is done.

“It is a nuisance and this isn`t the first time this neighborhood has been hit with vandalism like this so it`s a shame you can`t even leave your car out on the street,” said Theresa Bruno.