Warmer Weather Leads to Police Walking the Beat

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Now that spring weather has arrived, police in Williamsport have resumed mandatory foot patrols.

On a 70 degree day, Williamsport Police Officer Jason Dockey takes a short ride to the city's east side.

During Winter, officers typically stay in their cruisers to patrol neighborhoods.

But with the arrival of Spring, Officer Dockey parked the cruiser and gets out to patrol the streets on foot.

Neighbors along Franklin Street were happy to see this kind of police presence not exactly a car cruising through.

"It feels good because i have a one year old tomorrow, and we moved to the neighborhood to keep it safe for her," said Tracy Crouse.

Williamsport police walk the beat for thirty minutes during their shift which might not seem like a lot to some, but both police and the public think foot patrols have a positive impact.

"It makes a big difference, we love having him here, it's a safety security issue," said Mike Barner, owner of Ed's Market.

As Officer Dockey walked several blocks on Franklin Street and a lot of the conversations he had with people who live and work there revolved around a trouble spot each of them has noticed and are working together to get a handle on.

"It's a spot I'm personally aware of, if people can give me more bits and pieces for me to pass on to those who need the information," said Officer Dockey.

And in turn, Officer Dockey and the rest of the force can work to keep city residents safe from inside the police cruiser and on foot.