New Meat Names May Add More Sizzle

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- Just in time for grilling season, the U.S. meat industry is changing the name of a few popular cuts of meat.

The reason is to make it more appealing for meat eaters.

Right now, if you head to your meat aisle at the supermarket, you'll see those familiar names to certain cuts of meat, like pork chops and pork butt.

But there is a name change coming your way.

"I think it would be very confusing for people," said Patricia Murray of East Stroudsburg.

At the Shoprite grocery store in Stroudsburg, meat eaters weren't all savvy on the idea.

A spokesperson with the United States Department of Agriculture says a total of 350 names of meat cuts are changing after two years of consumer research found certain labels confusing to shoppers.

So now, to reduce the confusion, pork chops will have more names, like porterhouse chops, rib eye chops and New York chops.

"Being a New York native, I would say the New York chops, people who are sort of enamored with New York would definitely be turned on to try them," said Angelina May of New York.

"I think a pork chop is a pork chop and changing it to a New York pork chop does nothing for me, I'm a Pennsylvanian," said Murray.

"Change is good. Change the politics. Don't change the meat," said Tony King of Los Angeles.

When you come into Gary's Meat Market near Stroudsburg, the meat display is staring right back at you. But don't expect the labels to change too much because Gary isn't busting his pork "chops" or his pork "butt" to change some names that have been working for him for 40 years.

"Well, it's kind of hard to teach an old dog new tricks, you know?" said Gary Oney, the owner of Gary's Meat Market.

Oney has been cutting meat for four decades and has seen his fair share of meat trends come and go.

"It goes back to years ago, when I first started cutting meat, it was a California chuck roast. What's different from California chuck roast from regular chuck roast?" asked Oney.

Maybe because the cows were from California?