Investigators Seeking Answers In Barrasse’s Death

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OAKLAND, PA -- An investigation is underway near Pittsburgh to figure out exactly what happened before the son of a Lackawanna County judge was hit and killed by a car.

The man was a senior at Penn State and a graduate of Scranton Prep.

Cody Barrasse, 22, was a 2009 graduate of Scranton Prep, a well-known student, a former football player, and the son of a well-known couple in Lackawanna County.

Barrasse was a Penn State student aspiring to go to law school.

It was this past weekend when police say Barrasse was hit by a car and killed while on Bates Street in Oakland, a section of Pittsburgh.

At Scranton Prep, word of the death of former student, and son of a Lackawanna County judge, was taken with heavy hearts. The school issued this statement saying,

"At Scranton prep we will remember Cody as a gifted, generous and personable young man who will be deeply missed by both his classmates and our faculty."

Pittsburgh police say they've gotten two different stories. Friends of Barrasse told police the driver of a silver BMW purposely hit Barrasse and drove off.  Later that driver and a passenger called into 9-1 and told police they stopped to avoid hitting three people in the street. Those individuals began beating on their car and they quickly drove away.

Police have two suspects listed: a 27-year-old man and a 21-year old woman.

In Lackawanna County, friends and family are planning to say goodbye to Barrasse at Nativity of Our Lord Church in Scranton.

A viewing will be held Thursday night with the funeral on Friday.

Court calendars have been cleared those days to allow friends and family to attend services.

Pittsburgh police say they are reviewing surveillance from area businesses as the investigation into Barrasse's death continues. Along with the Allegheny county D.A.'s office, they are looking into whether charges will be filed.