Antonio’s Pizza Returning To West Pittston

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WEST PITTSTON -- The owners of a West Pittston pizza parlor hit by the 2011 flooding are moving to a new location in the same community

Their old place is being sold to new owners.

The old Antonio's Pizza Shop was here for 40 years before the flood of 2011 damaged it and caused the owners to close. They're making a comeback in a new location down the street and are hoping to once again make the old building a part of their plans.

For more than a year, the old Antonio's Pizza parlor has sat on Wyoming Avenue in West Pittston, falling deeper and deeper into disrepair.

"It rots. It's terrible."

Pat Rucco used to work across the street.

I miss their food," he said. "Everybody does."

Antonio's closed after flood waters devastated West Pittston in September, 2011.

New owners recently bought the building but the previous owners tried to keep Antonio's alive, opening a pizza shop in Wyoming. That also closed last April because of a fire.

After a year-and-a-half without Antonio's pizza, West Pittston is getting it back except now it will be in a new location.

"We still wanted to stay in West Pittston so we thought this was a good shopping center, very busy all the time, and here we are," said Francesca Carannante.

Carannante's parents own Antonio's which will soon open at the Insalaco's shopping center by Gerrity's on Wyoming Avenue

"We love their pizza. We used to get it every Friday until the flood happened and then the fire in Wyoming. So we're really excited to see them back," said Jennifer Nichols of West Pittston.

The new spot is farther from the river as for the old building, Carannante hopes to open Antonio's again as a second location.

"If anyone knows how they feel after that flood, you know what? Better to have two, just in case," she said. "Have a backup, have a backup."

We're not sure what the new owners' plans are, except that owners of Antonio's would like to purchase it back and Francesca plans to open the new Antonio's by Gerrity's by next week.