Workers Setting The Stage For Broadway In Scranton

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SCRANTON -- Broadway is taking center stage at the Scranton Cultural Center beginning Friday night as "Cathy Rigby is Peter Pan" moves into town for the weekend.

Crews were working Friday to put together the magic with very little time.

Workers only have about 12 hours to get every piece of scenery set and bring to life the show many families know and love.

"They know what Peter Pan is and they come and they know they're going to have a great time and leave here happy," said Tom Combs, NAC Entertainment.

More than 50 stagehands work to hang curtains, backdrops, and move in props.

Michael McEowen coordinates it all and says even with about 15 years of experience, this task isn't easy.

"It wasn't built for this kind of theater; we're too big for this. It's a very small stage, however there is the ballroom behind it which saves the entire thing," McEowen said.

One of the challenges of bringing Peter Pan to the Cultural Center in Scranton is that there is only one loading dock and not everything fits through that door.  But workers say they'll make it work and the show will go on.

"We will be stepping on each other all day long in order to get our show up ready to go at 8 o'clock tonight."

Once everything is in place, the show's star Olympic gymnast Cathy Rigby will fly across the stage and over the audience as Peter Pan.

"She takes the audience on a journey that really is Never Land," Combs added.

Crews say making Peter Pan fly is the most challenging, but most magical part of the entire production.

"They start looking at what is above the ceiling, what they can tie into and what they can rig our particular wires and cables and all of that stuff to make it safe and to also make it kind of spectacular," McEowen said.

Tickets to the show are still available.

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