Mind Over Muscle at Engineering Competition

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WILKES-BARRE -- Ten students from Dunmore High School are a little bit richer tonight. Dunmore was one of nine schools to compete in the annual Engineering Olympics at Wilkes University.

Snipping, sticking, and speeding? This is no arts and crafts fair. Welcome to the Engineering Olympics at Wilkes University.

"I like to solve problems and I like to make things better."

Katie O'Neill is a junior at Forest City Regional High School. It's one of nine high schools competing in the games. Each team of 10 students must build parachutes, cars, and towers that can withstand wind.

Katie says she's proud to represent the girls in what's typically a boys' world.

"We can show them that we're boss no matter what they think," said Katie O'Neill, a junior at Forest City Regional High School.

Just to keep the engineering theme going, Wilkes engineering students designed the trophies and the medals for the competition. The only thing they didn't come up with on their own is the $40,000 check for the winning team.

Wilkes engineering majors judge the competition. They say it helps high schoolers apply what they've learned in class.

"Actually getting out here and doing the things themselves gives you a better understanding of the actual forces that are governing this whole system," said Wilkes senior Matt Parmenteri.

The $40,000 comes in the form of scholarships to Wilkes. It's something that Dunmore senior John Rinaldi hoped to win.

"I mean it'd be great for everyone because if you're able to win it, your whole team gets some. So it'd be good for all 10 kids on my team," said Rinaldi.

Little did he know that when time ran out, his team from Dunmore would come out on top.