Man Charged With Hazleton Homicide

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HAZLETON -- Tempers flared outside a magistrate's office in Hazleton Friday afternoon after a man is arraigned on homicide charges for the shooting death of a young father.

The man police accused in connection with double shooting in February was charged with the crime.

Police believe Adamis Arias killed a teenaged father.  Authorities say the other shooting victim who survived picked Arias out of a photo lineup.

Adamis Arias was named a person of interest just days after the shooting death of Angel Villalobos.

Police say the second shooting victim who survived as well as several other witnesses told detectives they saw Arias that night with a gun arguing with Villalobos about money.

Arias said he's not the man who shot and killed Angel Villalobos in February.  He denied he did it as he was led into an arraignment on homicide charges.

But Hazleton police say several witnesses including a second man who was shot that night on West Maple Street and survived his injuries, identified Arias as the gunman. Court documents say the two were heard arguing in the street over money.

"'The city police department is confident that we have, in fact, filed the formal charges against the killer of Angel Villalobos," said Hazleton Police Chief Frank DeAndrea.

Family members of both the suspect and the victim were in court for the arraignment. Cathy Villalobos says her 19-year-old brother was not involved in a gang and he left behind a ten-month-old son.

"'That`s our little bundle of joy. We keep Angel's memory alive because he was just a very, just like his son, very happy, very giddy. Everyone who knew him loved him. It was just sad he had to go really young," said Cathy Villalobos.

As Arias was led out of the hearing to be taken to jail for the homicide charge, his family clashed with relatives of the victim. Car keys and soda cans were thrown. Detectives and constables had to separate the two families.

Court documents say Arias admitted to police he was on West Maple Street the night of the shooting, saying "I'm going to jail for life," before asking for an attorney.

He's locked up in the Luzerne County jail without bail on the single charge of criminal homicide.