Beautify Your Backyard: Early Spring Blooms

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Description of Helleborus:
In a normal year this hardy perennial starts to bloom in early March and blooms until late May. Called the ‘Christmas Flower’ it also blooms in early December. Deer resistant with thick leathery dark green foliage, 30-40 different varieties and colors. Living in Northeastern, Pa. the early march bloom gives hope for an early spring.

helleborus helleborus_purple helleborus_red helleborus_white

Description of Witch Hazel:

The spring flowering Witch hazel is Hammamelis intermedia and depending on variety will start to bloom in February. The variety that is planted in the WNEP back yard is called ‘Sunburst’. A lighter yellow variety and possibly the showiest are called ‘Arnold’s Promise’. This shrub will grow 15-20’ depending on variety. Witch hazel’s have great green foliage in the spring and summer, have a long bloom time from February to April, and a bodacious fall color yellow or red depending on variety. Living in Northeast, Pa. this small tree gives hope for spring.




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